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a new eight year contract

They split our team in half. The next day, the New York City fire department asked us to cover for their Collapsed Structure Response Unit, up in Queens. They had lost all the guys from that unit in the rubble. Not wearing stripes last weekend was Lance Easley, the Santa Maria banker who made the infamous call in Seattle. He was one of the replacements hired by the NFL while the regular officials were locked out during their labor dispute with the league. Because of the demonstrated incompetence of the replacement crews during the first three weeks of the season, the NFL moved swiftly after the Monday night fiasco to restore the veteran officials under a new eight year contract.. The story arc struggles to get a record deal, inspiration in the studio, breaking out on radio, then money troubles, internal strife, tragedy, etc. is so overfamiliar that it lacks a single surprise. Recycling that corny "DJ locks himself in the studio playing their first hit over and over again until …